Caffe’ Panzera  -  since 1931

Bottega Storica


Tradition and quality


Caffe’ Panzera is a well-known restaurant, coffee-house and confectionary managed by the same family since its opening in 1931. Our mission is to be synonymous with tradition and quality.


Awarded as “Bottega Storica”, for decades it has distinguished itself in quality produce, courtesy typical of a strong family run business as well as the care taken in always offering a service meeting its clients’ expectations.


It is elegant and lively at the same time.  Special attention has always been given to its interior design; at the opening it was featured in several interior design magazines. It has been renewed several times, always keeping in mind the historical charme and the footprints of the ‘30s.


Over the years we have seen numerous renowned customers: Manuel Fangio was a regular guest during his stays in Milan, as was Minister Pella and the famous sports reporter Nino Nutrizio with the team of journalists of the newspaper “La Notte”.


The presence of loyal customers is testimony of the success gained so far. Foreigners who periodically return to Milan consider it a familiar destination during their trips.




Tradition and quality

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