Caffe’ Panzera  -  since 1931

Bottega Storica


Anniversary: 75 years of business


The 26th of October 2007 we have celebrated 75 years of  business.


Only a small number of restaurants in Milan can boast such a record and with those few we are proud members of the ‘Botteghe Storiche’ club.



                           "Invitation card, 1932"                                                             "Buffet"



                               "Welcome"                                                                                    "Welcome"



                          "The buffet at the upper floor"                                                         "The buffet at the main floor"



                                                                 "Chef at work"





                              "Relax"                                                     "From the friends of the Camera di Commercio"



                                                       "The cake"  


                                 "Giancarlo e Silvana"                                                                       "Final celebration"






Tradition and quality

La pasticceria

The restaurant

The top floor

75th anniversary

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